Ando Masahashi

Ando Masahashi is the side-kick of Hiro Nakamura. Previous to his adventures with Hiro, Ando Masahashi worked for Yamagato Industries as a programmer alongside Hiro.


Ando Masahasi plays the role of Hiro's helpful sidekick and did not have any power until he injected himself with a completed version of the formula and gained his super-charge ability which he can use to temporarily boost others' abilities by touching and channeling his power through them. Also he can throw his super-charger toward anyone to attack. He called his power, the crimson arc.

Character History

Fight or Flight

In "Fight or Flight", Ando has a specialist restore ancient letters written to him by Hiro Nakamura, who is in the past trying to repair the legend of Takezo Kensei. He learns that Hiro, Takezo, and Yaeko are to fight an entire army by themselves the following morning. At this point the last letter becomes unreadable as the specialist needs more time to restore it.


  • In the first episode, Niki Sanders is shown practicing her trade as an internet stripper. In a bit of throw away humor, it is revealed that Ando Masashi was Huggerz69, her last client.

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