Angela Petrelli

Angela Petrelli is the mother of Nathan Petrelli and Peter Petrelli.


Angela Petrelli is not known to have any powers.

Theories and Speculation

Angela Petrelli Has Powers Theory

In the first episode, Angela Petrelli is arrested for shoplifting. When asked why, Angela responds that she just "wanted to feel alive again." This could have been an attempt to use a power that has weakened with age and foreshadow the possibility of Angel Petrelli having powers and is a very likely possibility. It is very likely because powers have been shown to be genetic, and both Natan and Peter Petrelli have powers.

Theory 1. Angela Petrelli has Telepathy

There is some evidence to suggest that Angela Petrelli has strong Telepathy powers. In one episode1 she is able to detect that Matt Parkman was trying to read her mind.

In the fourth episode2 of Season 2 Angela mentally screams, which shocks Parkman.

Theory 2. Angela Petrelli has Precognition

Another Possibility is that she can see the future. In series one she claims to hers Sons that she had forseen this. Also when discussing whether the bomb will go off with the man who was dying. Both of them claimed to be right in which future would take place. Perhaps they both have precognition and both saw two possible futures. It will be interesting to see whether she reveals her power. Perhaps its damaged each time the future she sees fails to take place. In that case her powers would be weaker than ever after series one.

Theory 3. Angela Petrelli has Power of Suggestion

While Nathan was recovering in the hospital Angela approached his wife, touched here arm, and suggested that she leave the Petrelli family for her and her children's well being.

Theory 4. Angela Petrelli has memeory-related powers

In the episode 'Out of Time' Peter is in the New York of the future with no memories of his past life. However, after Angela tells Peter to remember the memories come flooding back. This would agree with the statement by the producers of the show, who said that we had seen Angela's powers on screen but through Peter.

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