Arthur Petrelli

Arthur Petrelli was the father of Natan and Peter Petrelli and the husband of Angela Petrelli. Arthur Petrelli is claimed to have committed suicide, however this is under debate.

Arthur Petrelli was a lawyer, and the logo of his law firm was the helix.


Arthur Petrelli was one of the founders of the Company. Therefore he must have had powers. In addition, he is the father of Nathan and Peter, who also have powers. What Arthur Petrelli's powers were is unknown.
Arthur has the ability to take away other ability from other heroes when he is in physical contact with them. He had faked his death and comes back in season 3. He takes away Adam Monroes power and then is back to full health. Peter confronts his father. Arthur asks Peter to hug him then he takes away all of his powers.

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