How to Watch Heroes...

How to Watch Heroes… and how to know things before everyone else does. That's a hell of a how-to, isn't it. It's also a hell of a claim too. Well, let me tell you about my power.

I'm known locally for my powers of prediction. My greatest achievement is almost predicting the game-flow of the SuperBowl in which the Titans played. Common reason told me what would be a good show to start the new franchise — the would lose for awhile and make a thrilling comeback. What I didn't predict was that they would lose.1

In television shows and movies, it's almost too easy. The last time I a movie or tv show surprised me was when Nathan Petrelli was shown to be alive. Before that, it was the original Matrix. I have a feeling that Heroes will surprise me a bit more, but here's how to guess most of it.

Figuring out what will bear some significance in Heroes, or any TV show requires a bit of thought of your situation and the situation of the characters. Mostly, like a cracked out Buddhist turned Alestor Moody, it requires Constant Mindfulness!

Enough rambling, let's get to it and consider yourself.

When you watch Heroes, you are watching a TV show. Never forget that. Despite West's claim to the contrary, he is, in fact a robot. West never does anything independently. He never exhibits true thought at all. He does what the scriptwriter wants. The scriptwriter wants a good show. Ahh, now I think you're starting to get it.

Nothing happens by chance either. All events are planned ahead of time and written into the script. To be a good story, you have to write a tight script. If you are writing a tight script, there's no time to waste time. Everything your characters do must advance the plot or develop the characters. If the script writer makes a point to show the contents of a backpack, pay attention to the contents of the backpack. If the script writer spends time on a touching scene where a father gives a car to his adopted daughter, that car is going to mean something.

Also consider the characters for a bit. Consider their symbolic importance and / or role in the series. Each character in Heroes has a specific importance / role not shared by the other characters.2. The symbolic importance is what a character means to the series, the role is what a character does, or the character's function.

Take Mohinder Suresh, for example. Mohinder's role is to tell you the fictional science that "explains" how powers are possible. In other words, he's the Hermione Granger of Heroes. He'll be doing this until the day he dies (read: isn't needed by the scriptwriter). A good example of this is Isaac Mendez. The role of Isaac Mendez was to mysteriously shadow future events and make you wonder about things. After the dark future episode, he was no longer needed — the audience saw the future — and so he was killed. Now that he's needed to fill his role again, what do you know? He left behind paintings. I hope the writers don't stretch him beyond this.

The symbolic importance is what a character means to the series. Here we get into the hazy world of psychological archetypes. If you understand the psychology that makes Tarot cards work, you'll be right along with me on this, for other people, it will click several episodes later. Think totem. :)

Let's take Claire for example. Her symbolic importance is normality. She will always be dealing with conflicts that put her in situations where this is a concern. With Noah Bennet, it's loyalty and duty, he'll always be.. well, you know. The same with Nathan Petrelli, whose symbolic importance is family. Didn't he just push everyone away? :)3.

You now know everything you need to know to predict about 80% of the future events of the series as the first clues appear. Those I predictions I feel confident enough to share are listed in The Watch, if you are interested.

One last word, if a character has fulfilled his or her role and is symbolically non-relevant but is popular, they can and often are cast into new roles and / or symbolic importances.

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