Bob Bishop is the current head of operations of the Company and the father of Elle. Bob is portrayed by actor Stephen Tobolowsky.


Bob has what appears to be the Midas Touch — the ability to turn any metal he touches into gold. This was demonstrated in the episode "Four Months Later..." in which Bob was also introduced in the TV Series. He previously had appeared in a graphic novel.

Character History

Season 1

Bob does not appear in Season 1 of Heroes.

Season 2

Bob was introduced in the first show of Season 2 in the first episode, seen below.

Four Months Later

In "Four Months Later...", Bob follows Mohinder Suresh, attending several of his presentations about the Plague. In Egypt, Bob approaches Mohinder and offers him a job at the Company. Later they discuss business over a meal and Bob reveals that he has the power to turn metal into gold (by turning a metal spoon into gold). This act also reveals that Bob is the Company's primary source for funding. In "Cautionary Tales", it is revealed that Bob is Elle's father and hid last name up until this point was unknown.


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The Kindness of Strangers

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The Line

In "The Line", Bob orders Mohinder Suresh to give Monica Dawson a shot containing a modified version of the Plague which will destroy her powers. Bob orders this without Monica's consent or knowledge and Mohinder refuses, smashing lab equipment and samples on his way out of the Company lab.

Later Bob finds Mohinder and apologies, claiming that Mohinder was correct and that he needed Mohinder to keep the Company morally "good". Bob then assigns Niki Sanders as Mohinder's partner.

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