Character Quick Links

Main Characters - [ Sylar | Peter Petrelli | Molly Walker | Claire Bennet | Noah Bennet ]
Characters that are important to the series, make regular appearances, and are not dead.

New Characters - [ Yaeko | Monica Dawson | Caitlin | Bob | West ]
Characters that have been introduced within this Season and characters who have yet to be introduced but it has been confirmed that they will be introduced within the season. If the character is dead, they are found in Dead Characters.

Dead Characters - [ James Walker | Virginia Gray | Candice Wilmer | Jackie Wilcox | Dale Smither ]
Some of the characters that have died in the series, or prior to the beginning of Season 1.

Minor Characters - [ Meredith Gordon | Angela Petrelli | Chelsea | Arthur Petrelli | Heidi Petrelli ]
Characters that make a few appearances and are not as important to the series as the above characters.

Shanti Virus - [ Shanti Suresh | The Haitian | Molly Walker | Niki Sanders ]
Characters that have or have had the Shanti virus.

Complete List of All Characters and Their Powers

Character Power(s) Description
Claire Bennet Regeneration Regenerating cheerleader.
Noah Bennet Fatherhood Former agent for the Company
Monica Dawson Muscle Mimic New hero from new Orleans.
Debbie Bitchyness Former cheerleader of Costa Verde High School
Elle Lightning Generation and Control Sadistic electric blond girl.
Hiro Nakamura Teleportation, Time Travel Japanse geek and woman stealer.
Kaito Nakamura Unknown, among others A founder of the Company and the father of Hiro Nakamura
Knox Converting fear into super- strength Escapee from Primatech Level 5 security. Currently employed by the Pinehearst Company
Matt Parkman Telepathy Policeman / detective that reads minds.
Peter Petrelli Power Absorber, among others Lost in amnesia.
Dale Smither Super Hearing Metalworker killed by Sylar
Mohinder Suresh Super antibodies Scientists and geneticist from India.
Sylar Power Absorber, Telekinesis, among others Former watch-maker gone bad
Takezo Kensei Regeneration Former drunk gone good gone bad. Also known as Adam Monroe.
Adam Monroe Regeneration On a mission to kill the founders of The Company. Also known as Takezo Kensei.
West Human Flight Flying teenager.
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