Charles Deveaux

Charles Deveaux is the father of Simone Deveaux and last patient of Peter Petrelli, who cared for him while he was dying in hospice.


None known, however, Charles appeared in a vision or dream of Peter's, suggesting that he was somehow able to contact Peter after death.

Theories and speculation

Theory 1 Dreaming the future

In the early episodes of the first season Peterhas dreams about the events that are to come when he and Nathan discover there powers. Throughout this period he is in regular contact with Charles as his nurse and as Peter has the ability to absorb other abilities maybe this was from Charles.


Charles Deveaux is the father of Simone Deveaux.

Episode History

Season 1

Chapter 1 : Genesis

Charles Deveaux is introduced as the comatose patient of Peter Petrelli, who at that time is his hospice nurse. Charles remains comatose throughout the scene. Nothing is revealed about his character, rather he is used here only as a reason for Simone and Peter to meet.

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