Claire Bennet

Claire Bennet is a former cheerleader who has the ability to regenerate. Claire Bennet's adoptive father is Noah Bennet. When attending Union Wells High School, she was friends with Zach and (more or less) Jackie Wilcox. Claire Bennet is played by the actress Hayden Panettiere.

Interpretation and Importance

Claire Bennet represents what the characters will lose simply by being an evolutionary step above their fellow humans. Her greatest wish is to have a normal life, yet, she makes the conscious decision to live the life of a "Hero" when she saves the fireman from the burning train in the episode Genesis. This is a foreshadowing of her final decision, and its cost, when she prevents Ted Sprague from exploding, thus revealing that she had manifested powers and irreversibly costing her the normal life that she loved so much.


Claire Bennet has the power of regeneration, which is completely unconscious. It was this ability that both allowed her to survive severe burning at a very young age and was the cause of her separation from her biological mother.

Claire Bennet seems to have the same power as Takezo Kensei, and thus the relevance of the title of the episode in which Takezo's abilities were discovered — "Lizards"

Hunted by Slyar

In Season 1 of Heroes, the catchphrase : "Save the cheerleader, save the world." was originally given to Peter Petrelli by Future Hiro as an instruction to save Claire Bennet from being killed by Sylar. In a dark future, Slyar was able to kill Claire and absorb her ability to regenerate. This made Sylar unstoppable.


Claire Bennet has two families, her biological family and her adoptive family.

Adoptive Family

Noah Bennet - adoptive father
Sandra Bennet - adoptive mother
Lyle Bennet - adoptive brother

Biological Family

Nathan Petrelli - biological father
Meredith Gordon - biological mother
Peter Petrelli - biological uncle


As a Cheerleader at Union Wells High School

At Union Wells High School in Texas, Claire was a cheerleader. When she develops powers, she renews her friendship with a childhood friend, Zach. Together they tape tests of her ability to regenerate. The tape is later discovered by Noah Bennet.

In Hiding In Costa Verde

When Claire Bennet went into hiding, she began using the name Claire Butler1 and moved with the rest of the Bennet family to Costa Verde California.

When Claire is enrolled in Costa Verde High School she does not try out to be a cheerleader and attempts to be as "ordinary as possible" to keep her identity hidden. This is difficult for her despite her early desire for a "normal life". During this time Claire meets West, who immediately identifies her as being more than normal.

Eventually Claire and West become romantically involved and celebrate by making out at the beach.

List of Injuries Sustained and Regenerated

  • numerous broken bones, including a broken neck and broken skull
  • car crash / numerous injuries
  • numerous burns
  • one amputation, Claire cut off her own little toe to test her regenerating ability
  • fingers mangled in a food processor

Names of Claire Bennet

  • Claire Bear - a pet name of Claire used by her dad (eech.) The name is a play on the stuffed animal line "Care Bears."
Series of Eight Paintings
Claire Bennet has been shown in the Series of Eight Paintings by Isaac Mendez
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