Dead Characters

List of Recently Dead Characters

The Heroes characters in this list have been killed off (or apparently killed off) in the last three episodes.

Alejandro Herrera brother of Maya Herrera.
Kaito Nakamura, father of Hiro Nakamura and member of the Company.
Victoria Pratt one of the original 12 from the Company.

List of Dead Characters

The Heroes characters in this list have been dead for more than three episodes.

Charlie Andrews, a waitress who had the ability to memorize anything. She was killed by Sylar and her power absorbed.

Brian Davis, had telekinesis, killed by Sylar

Charles Deveaux, the father of Simone Deveaux and last patient of Peter Petrelli.

Simone Deveaux, the girlfriend of Isaac Mendez and art dealer.

Hana Gitelman


Virginia Gray, Sylar's mother.

D.L. Hawkins - father of Micah Sanders and boyfriend of Niki Sanders

Mr. Linderman, former leader(?) of the secret organization known as The Company. Mr. Linderman had healing powers.

Eden McCain, had the power of persuasion. Shot herself.

Isaac Mendez, was able to "paint the future"drug user .

Dale Smither

Ted Sprague, the radioactive man. Powers absorbed by Sylar.

Chandra Suresh, the father of Mohinder suresh.

Shanti Suresh, the sister of Mohinder Suresh.

Zane Taylor

James Walker

Jackie Wilcox, the cheerleader who didn't save the world.

Candice Wilmer, had the power to create illusions power absorbed by syler???? (i think)

List of Dead Character's in Alternate Timelines

Dark Future Timeline

The Dark Future Timeline is a timeline that exist(ed) four years from the current storyline. It was revealed in the episode"Five Years Gone..."

Future Hiro

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