Eclipses seem to have some hidden meaning to the Heroes TV show.

A Theory About Eclipses

One theory regarding the symbolic importance of eclipses in Heroes is that it signals the advent of a new generation of heroes. For example, an eclipse took place at the end the first episode of Season 1 the same eclipse is shown again behind Mohinder Suresh in the first graphic novel, Monsters. An eclipse also occurred near the beginning of the first episode of Season 2, which took place in 1671 near Kyoto, Japan — before Takezo Kensei developed powers.

If the above theory is correct, the eclipse shown at the beginning of Season 1 should figure into the various plots of Origins (depending on the age of the character) and if the origins of the Company is shown, an eclipse would be featured there as well.

It should be noted that this theory assumes that the eclipse is a symbolic herald. It does not actually give the heroes their powers, only signals a new generation has begun.

Other Appearances of Eclipses

Eclipses have also made an appearance as one of the paintings of Isaac Mendez and is featured in the Heroes Logo.

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