Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight is a Season 2 episode. It's original air date was October 22, 2007.

Plot Summary

Ando Reads Letters From the Past

Ando Masahashi brings the letters hiro to left him by Hiro Nakamura to a lab where a specialist is able to restore all but the last part of one of them to a readable quality. In the letters Hiro tells of his latest adventures and how he believes that history is back on track after he originally changed it Four Months Later.... Hiro also tells that Takezo Kensei, Yaeko and himself are to fight — just the three of them — against a large army the following morning. At this point the letter becomes unreadable and Ando must wait for the specialist to prepare it.

Monica: She discovers her powers and experiments with them.

Peter: Wondering where peter got his power to shoot lightning out of his hands from? Well it is from a girl named Elle who is looking for him. She kills Candice's brother. Peter also regains his ability to paint the future. The box was also opened, inside was his passport a photo of him and his brother (not that he knows that it's his brother … yet) and a plane ticket to montreal… which is believed to be where he painted.

Molly, Matt and Nathan: Molly finds Matt parkers dad or "The Nightmare Man". She gets stuck in her nightmare. Matt goes with Nathan to find his dad. They find out that his dad can read minds to and also has developed his mind reading powers into something far beyond simply knowing ones thoughts. He can manipulate their minds and thoughts also. Making the illusion that Matt is locked in prison and that Nathan is on top of a building looking at New York in ruins. The two both fight the person they think they see when really they are fighting each other for they are in the same room. Once Matt realizes this he snaps Nathan out of it and they break out of the room they were stuck in, only to find that Matt's father is gone. But they do find a clue. A picture of Bob with the symbol for godsend on it indicating he is the next victim perhaps.

Characters Introduced

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