Four Months Later

Four Months Later… is the first episode of Season 2. The title "Four Months Later" relates to the fact that the events in this episode take place four months after the events of "How to Stop an Exploding Man", which is the last episode of Season 1.

Mohinder's Opening Narration

"The sun rises on a new dawn. Yet few of us realize the debt we owe to those responsible for this. To those who dwell among us — anonymous, seemingly ordinary — whom destiny brought together to repair, to heal, to save us from ourselves. And they're still out there among us, in the shadows, in the light. We pass them on the street without a glance, never suspecting, never knowing. Do they know yet? That they are bound together by a common purpose — a glaring reality — to be extraordinary. And when when destiny does anoint them how do they hide from it? How long can they dwell in the shadows before either fate, or their own flawed humanity draws them out into the light again? And how will they know what awaits them when it finally does?"

Plot Summary

Mohinder's Lecture on the Plague (Virus)

Four Months Later… opens with Mohinder Suresh giving what seems to be an open lecture about a virus he discovered. The virus (plague), Mohinder says, is much like Green Kryptonite to Superman, it first deprives them of their powers and then eventually kills them. He argues passionately for the cause of the Heroes and pleads for funding. When he ends his lecture and thanks the audience for coming, the camera pans to his audience. Only a few people attended.

Mohinder Meets a Company Representative

While Mohinder is leaving the building where he gave his lecture, an apparent fan approaches him and asks him for his autograph. As Mohinder begins to sign, the man says "your father would be proud, so would your sister", which sets Mohinder off, who slams the man against a wall and asks the man for his identity. The man replies "nobody", yet Mohinder persists, telling the man that he knows that the man had been following him from lecture to lecture.

The man then offers Mohinder a job with the company, which he refuses, having worked for the Company before. The man tells Mohinder that his and his father's (Chandra Suresh) research is not being taken seriously, but he does. The man then offers to buy Mohinder a drink.

Introduction of Maya and Alejandro Herrera

In Honduras, where Maya and Alejandro Herrera are running from the police. They escape by breaking into a nearby building to hide. While waiting for the police to leave, they have a short conversation about their intentions to make it to the United States, how long they've been on the run (800 miles), and how tough it's been. When Alejandro determines that the police have left, they leave. The camera shows the side of the building as they leave the frame. On the wall is a wanted poster for them, saying that they are wanted for murder.

Claire First Day at Costa Verde High School

The Bennet family has gone into hiding, but they are not on the run like Maya and Alejandro Herrera. Instead they have changed their last names to Butler and moved to Costa Verde in California to make a new life.

As Claire Bennet and Noah Bennet leave the administration building of the Costa Verde High School, Claire complains that the electives that she wanted were already full and this revealing that she was enrolled in the school only recently. Noah reminds Claire that they are in hiding, advises her to be completely ordinary, and forbids her from trying out for cheerleading. Claire says that that is all behind her and suggests that if the Bennet family is to appear ordinary that Noah shouldn't driver her to school.

This prompts Noah to give Claire her birthday present early. The present is a car. After a sappy goodbye, Claire walks to the school entrance, accidentally stepping in front of West's truck. She apologies and then continues on to the entrance.

Hiro Nakamura Rescues Fake Takezo Kensei

Hiro Nakamura arrives near Kyoto, Japan in the year 1671 after teleporting just after stabbing Sylar in the last episode of Season 1. Hiro arrives just as a fake Takezo Kensei is facing off against a small group of Japanese warriors. Moments after he arrives, an eclipse occurs, momentarily distracting everyone.

The Japanese warriors quickly recover from their confusion and fire arrows at Hiro and the fake Kensei. Hiro stops time just before the arrows kill both of them. When Hiro sees the helix on the fake Kensei's banner, he believes that the fake Kensei is the real Takezo Kensei and teleports him to safety.

Matt Parkman Becomes a Detective

Matt Parkman participates in a police training exercise.1 When Matt reaches the hostage and hostage taker, he reads their mind to determine which one to shoot. Matt shoots the correct person and the training exercise ends.

Those participating in the exercise as well as Matt's superior (police captain?) ask him how he knew which one to shoot. To cover up his ability to read minds he quickly makes up an excuse which is immediately thought odd by the superior but not argued.

The police superior compliments Matt on his dedication and gives him his detectives badge.

Claire Bennet Meets West

Claire is in biology class playing with the flame of a bunsen burner. West sees this, sits next to her, and asks her if she has a death wish. Claire claims that she was just messing around. West asks Claire if she is a "robot" or "alien", meaning "herd thinker" or "original thinker". West explains this to Claire and she asks if she has to choose one, then asks what West thinks he is. At that moment, class starts and the teacher begins a lecture on evolution (of course). The teacher asks the class the a question. Claire writes down the correct answer but does not raise her hand to answer it.

Maya and Alejandro Make a Deal With Human Traffickers

Maya and Alejandro Herrera approach the truck of a group of human traffickers and attempt to make a deal to get across the border and into the United States. Alejandro asks the leader of the group how much it will cost and he replies "Ten thousand lempiras" and that he would only take them to Sonora, which is six hundred miles from the United States border. When Alejandro tries to pay, the leader attempts to make Maya ride up front with him a part of the deal. After a quick argument, the leader laughs it off as if the suggestion had been a joke. Maya and Alejandro get in the back of the truck with the rest of the "passengers".

Molly Walker's Drawings

Matt Parkman arrives at the playground of Molly Walker's school. They greet each other warmly and then Molly relates that a boy named Max Grissman(?) attempted to kiss her that day. Molly Walker's teacher asks to talk to him privately. When they are relatively alone, she tells him that Molly has been sleeping in class and has said that she has been having nightmares. After suggesting that Matt's "situation" is not stable enough to raise Molly2 she hands him drawings that Molly had been drawing for a week. The drawings are of evil-looking eyes growing bigger with each drawing along with the helix.

Kaito Nakamura Receives a Death Warrant

Kaito Nakamura sits on the park bench in front of the red helix statue in Manhattan. From a distance Ando Masahashi approaches him with coffee and a newspaper. Before Ando reaches Kaito, he accidentally bumps into a bearded man.3. Ando quickly apologizes and gives the newspaper to Kaito.

Ando brings up that Hiro Nakamura has been missing for four months and suggests that maybe he is not coming back. Kaito relates how he gained confidence in and respect for his son and that there is a legacy that he must hand down to him and therefore he will wait patiently for Hiros return.

Kaito opens the newspaper that Ando brought him and a picture of Kaito falls out. The picture has a helix on it, apparently written in blood. When Kaito picks up the picture, he gets up and starts looking around, as if looking for some unseen predator. Ando asks Kaito what the picture means and Kaito responds that it means he will die withing 24 hours.

Nathan Petrelli is a Drunk / Angela Petrelli Receives a Death Warrant

In Peter Petrelli's apartment in New York City, Natan Peterlli and Angela Petrelli have an argument about whether Peter is still alive. In this argument the audience learns that Nathan has become a drunk and pushed everyone away, including his wife. The argument quickly turns to Nathan's refusal to allow Peter to destroy parts of the city and immediately after he turns against his mother and throws her out of the apartment. Once outside in the hallway of the apartment building, she finds a picture of her like Kaito's in the previous scene.

Characters Introduced

Characters Mentioned

  • The Swordsmith
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