Truth & Consequences

Truth & Consequences is a Season 2 episode. It's original air date will be November 26, 2007.

Plot Summary

Peter and Takezo Kensei journey to find the mystery woman from the company founders photograph. Elle's suspicions that HRG's comments about her father and what his allowed treatment of her suggests about his love for her as a daughter. the previous sentence needs revision Elle is instructed to keep an eye on Claire following the news of the death of her father.
Hiro and Nando find that Takezo Kensei has been living under the name Adam Monroe and was locked away 40 years ago by Kaito Nakamura following an unknown offence. Hiro travels back in time to find out what happened.

Adam and Peter contact the mystery woman at her home to ask her for the location of the virus that Peter witnessed in the future. Her name is Victoria Pratt. Adam, realising Victoria will recognise him and refuse to help them, stays with the car while Peter goes inside. Initially suspicious of Peter, Victoria recognises him through his resemblance to his mother. She tells Peter where he can find the virus though when she follows him back to his car and sees he is with Adam, she shoots both Adam and Peter with her shot gun. Not expecting Peter to regenerate he is able to disarm her. They take her inside and bound her to a chair find the initial information she gave Peter was wrong. Peter takes the information he needs from her mind. The virus, the deadly strain 138 is located at the "paper factory" in Odessa, Texas. Adam unties Victoria and when she goes for her shot gun again to fire on Peter uses this as an excuse to shoot her in the back. He leaves a blood marked image of her by the body as was found by the bodies of the other murdered company founders.

Meanwhile, in the past Hiro witnesses Adam's foiled attempts to release the 138 virus and the reason he was incarcerated. He sees the young Victoria begging the virus be destroyed. When Kaito refuses, claiming the virus will be safely stored, she resigns from the company. This explains her reluctance to reveal the location of the virus to Peter earlier in the episode.

Niki Sanders returns to her mother-in-laws to be with Micah. She explains to Micah that she has contracted a virus and that Suresh is working on a cure. Micah suggests she needs something to give her strength. He goes to fetch the medal his father won from the fire brigade for saving a girl's life. He finds that his back pack containing the medal is missing. His back pack was taken by his cousin, who had attempted to find out how much money he could get by selling the comics it contained. Hoping to have them valued, he was double crossed, being beaten and having the back pack and it's contents stolen.

Micah is later woken during the night by Monica, and they both sneak out in the middle of the night to retrieve his back pack. Monica uses her Muscle Mimic ability to enter a house, but is later caught. Micah runs back home to get help from his mother Niki, and discovers that there is a cure for her strain of the virus.

Later, a collection of Heroes arrive at the Primatech Paper Company in Odesa, Texas, and conflicts ensue; finally ending with Peter destroying the strain 138 virus, and the death of Nathan Petrelli and Niki Sanders.

Characters Introduced

No new significant characters are introduced in this episode.

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