Evolution is the process by which species change over time and is the justification the writers give the audience for the origin of the heroes' powers.

A Short Primer on Evolution

Evolution is a process that has two mechanisms: Random mutation and natural selection. Some people believe that the Theory of Evolution states that species change in response to changing environmental conditions, or that evolution suggests that the toughest person will survive, while a weak person dies. This is not the case.

Instead, evolution works like this :

  1. A percentage of the members of a species randomly mutate, i.e. something causes a gene to cause one member to have longer fur.
  2. The environment changes, i.e. the number of predators increase or the average temperature declines.
  3. The members of the species that are the best suited to survive in it do survive. Others die off, i.e. those with the longer hair tolerate the temperature decline while others are not so lucky.

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