9th Wonders! - a comic book

brain - mmm, brains

cockroach - The cockroach seems to be an important symbol for Heroes, and Sylar especially.

The Company - the group formerly known as "Mr. Lindermans mysterious organization."

eclipse - Eclipses seem to have some hidden meaning to the show, as it has also made an appearance as one of the paintings of Isaac Mendez and is featured in the Heroes Logo.

evolution - Evolution is the process by which species change over time.

helix - The DNA helix appears on many different people and items in the series.

Haitian Pills - A cocktail of pills used to suppress abilities. Developed and used by the company.

hero - The word hero as it used here in the Heroes TV Show Wiki, is used to refer to a character who has a power or at least latent powers. Heroes that are also antagonists are called villains.

Kali - a Hindu goddess.

The Plague - The plague is a virus that affects only characters with power.

The Series of Eight Paintings - a work of Isaac Mendez.

Shanti Virus - a life-threatening disease for evolved humans that attacks the blood cells. One of its side effects is that it prevents evolved humans who have the disease from using their abilities. Shanti Suresh is the first known victim. The Company has since modified the Shanti virus that may affect the entire human race.

strain 138 - deadly Shanti Virus developed by the company in 1977. Strain 138 is lethal to both normal and evolved humans and is estimated to be capable of wiping out 93% of the world's populations. Strain 138 was first identified during the Truth and Consequences.

tattoo - skin art

Star Trek - Hmm..

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