Kaito Nakamura

Kaito Nakamura was the father of Hiro Nakamura and one of the 12 founding members of The Company.


Kaito Nakamura has exhibited no powers to date. However, there is much speculation that he did in fact have some power, as the "super power gene" has been demonstrated to be genetic and often passed down from parent to children.

Kaito was also a founding member of the Company, who all had powers.

Friends and Family

Kaito Nakamura was the father of Hiro Nakamura and Hiro's older sister, Kimiko Nakamura. Kaito is the husband of Ishi Nakamura, however, she has only been mentioned in the TV Show, but never seen.

Character History

Founding The Company

Kaito Namakmura was one of the founding 12 members of the Company. It is not known exactly what role he played in the founding, beyond being "one of the 12." Kaito later began to doubt the Company's goals and methods.

Through a quick admission of Angela Petrelli in Lizards it is known that Angela and Kaito were involved at some time, probably before the actual founding of the Company.


Kaito Nakamura was killed what is believed to have been one of the 12 founders of the Company. Before his death he received a picture with a helix scrawled on it, apparently written in blood (the helix of death). Kaito recognized the meaning of photo immediately and told Ando, who was with him at the time, that it meant he would die within 24 hours.

The immediate acknowledgment of the meaning1 of the helix of death suggests that this is an accepted practice among the founders of the Company and that it has been used before. Kaito's exclamation of "This cannot be!" suggests that it has not been sent to a founder previously, but rather, sent by founders.

Kaito plans to return to Japan but visits the Deveaux Building first. There he meets Angela Petrelli who has also received a helix of death. After a short conversation which confirms some character as founders of the Company, Angela leaves.

Kaito's death was an honorable act — by throwing himself and his killer off the side of the Deveaux building, he saved the life of Ando Masahashi, who had just arrived with a sword for Kaito.

In the next episode, "Lizards", it is revealed that Kaito's death was painted by Isaac Mendez, who also painted seven other paintings known as the "Series of Eight Paintigs". The Series of Eight paintings are believed to predict the deaths of seven other founders of the Company.

Theories and Speculation

Kaito Nakumura's Power

One theory concerning the nature of Kaito Nakamura's power is that Kaito had an aptitude rather than a power in the general sense. Before Kaito faces the (as yet unknown) avenging founder, he sends Ando to get him a sword, saying that he will need it to defend himself.

As an extraordinary aptitude for martial arts is a long established "power" in comic books, many fans believe that Kaito had this as his power.

Popular Misconceptions

Kaito Nakamara is not named Sulu Nakamara. Sulu is a character played previously in Star Trek by George Takei, the actor who plays him.

Series of Eight Paintings
Kaito Nakamura has been shown in the Series of Eight Paintings by Isaac Mendez
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