Main Characters

List of Main Heroes Characters

The current, living characters of Heroes :

Noah Bennet, (or Mr. Bennet), a former "company man" who previously worked for the Primatech Paper Company, a front for a mysterious organization. (played by Jack Coleman)

Claire Bennet, the infamous cheerleader who has the power to rapidly regenerate. (played by Hayden Panettiere)

D.L. Hawkins, has the ability to control his density and thus phase through objects. Similar to Vision from the Avengers. (played by Leonard Roberts.)

The Haitian, has the power to erase memories and prevent other heroes from using their powers.

Ando Masahashi, the loyal Japanese geek sidekick of Hiro Nakamura. (played by James Kyson Lee)

Matt Parkman, former police officer who can read minds.

Hiro Nakamura, a Japanese cubicle worker who has the ability to teleport and to time travel. (played by Masi Oka).

Nathan Petrelli, the brother of Peter, drunk, former political candidate. Played by Adrian Pasdar.

Peter Petrelli, the power absorbing former male nurse and amazing exploding man.

Micah Sanders, the son of D.L. Hawkins.

Niki Sanders / Jessica Sanders, the girlfriend of D.L. Hawkins, the mother of Micah Sanders, split personality.

Mohinder Suresh, scientist from India.

Sylar, a former watchmaker turned brain-eating boogieman.

Molly Walker, the girl who can find anyone. Played by Adair Tishler.

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