Maya Herrera

Maya Herrera is the twin sister of Alejandro Herrera. Maya and her brother are running to the United States in hopes of finding Chandra Suresh, who she believes can find a cure for her power, which she sees as a curse. Maya Herrera is played by Dania Ramirez.


The exact nature of Maya Herrera's power is unknown. In Four Months Later…, however, from the graphic novel, Maya y Alejandro, it is known that :

  1. Maya is a host to the Plague.
  2. Maya is the link for the Plague to spread to people without powers.

Character History

Maya Herrera was introduced in the first episode of Season 2, Four Months Later...

When Maya is introduced, she is on the run with Alejandro in Honduras. At this time, she says that they have been on the run for 800 miles, which suggests they are not Honduran, but are in the process of running through the country. Even so, a wanted poster displayed on a wall shows that they are wanted for murder in Honduras.

Theories and Speculation

Current Theories


Incorrect Theories

Maya Herrera's Vacuum Power Theory


Maya Herrera's Power Mystery

The exact nature of Maya Herrera's power has been kept secret from the audience, so naturally it is a mystery. See the Power section above.

[[include include:stub]] NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!she has the power to poison her victoms when she gets mad she poisens everone near her.

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