Micah Sanders

Micah Sanders has the ability to modify and control technology. Micah Sanders is the son of D.L. Hawkins and Niki Sanders and the cousin of Monica Dawson.

Character History

Fixing the Election of Nathan Petrelli

Micah was used in a scheme cooked up by Mr. Linderman to place Nathan Petrelli in office as President as Mr. Linderman's puppet. Micah's role in the plan was to fix the election by telling the voting machines to change votes against Nathan to votes for Nathan. Micah was able to make use of the network to change votes and did not need to visit many voting sites individually to change the results in each voting machine. The next day, Natan won in a landslide.

The plan eventually did not work because Nathan kept his brother's explosion from damaging the city and Mr. Linderman was killed by D.L. Hawkins.

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