Mohinder Suresh

Mohinder Suresh is a scientist from India who provides the pseudo-science explanations for how the Heroes powers work. Mohinder Suresh also provides the philosophy of the show in a voice over at the beginning and end.

Character History


In Genesis, Mohinder Suresh first appears giving a lecture to his class in India. The subject of the lecture is, of course, evolution, which was important for setting up the theme of the show — an X-Men-like world where various mutants gain super-powers above and beyond the average (or even exceptional) "mere" human.

Immediately following the lecture he is informed by a friend and fellow faculty member that his father, Chandra Suresh has been murdered while driving a Taxi in New York City.

To the United States

Mohinder goes to the United States where he discovers Noah Bennet preparing to "tag and bag" the research left behind his father. Mohinder flees.

In the graphic novel, Monsters, Mohinder seeks out his fathers cab and is hired as a cab driver himself on the spot. The last page of the graphic novel shows Noah Bennet secretly taking pictures of Mohinder.

Episode History

The Line

In "The Line", Mohinder is ordered by Bob to inject Monica Dawson with a modified version of the Plague which will take away her power. Because Bob has elected to use Monica as a guinea pig without either her knowledge or consent, Mohinder refuses. On his way out, Mohinder smashes some Plague samples with a chair and takes Molly Walker with him.

Mohinder takes Molly to a hospital where Bob finds him and apologizes. Mohinder sort of accepts and returns to the Company. There, he finds out that Niki Sanders has been assigned as his partner.

Series of Eight Paintings
Mohinder Suresh has been shown in the Series of Eight Paintings by Isaac Mendez
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