Molly Walker

Molly Walker is a girl who has the ability to locate people. Molly Walker is played by Adair Tishler.

Character History

Becoming an Orphan

Molly Walker's first appearance was in the episode where her entire family had been killed. Using his ability to read minds, Matt Parkman locates her in closet.

Location System for the Company

Somehow, the Company is able to "adopt" Molly and had planned to use her as a location system. She was rescued by Matt Parkman and Noah Bennet, even though Noah had plans to kill the person who was the location system.


One week prior to the beginning of Season 2, Molly begins to draw pictures of an evil looking pair of eyes. In each drawing is a helix and in each drawing, the eyes get bigger as if the owner of the eyes is getting stronger. Molly's teacher makes Matt Parkman aware of these drawings in "Four Months Later..."

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