Nathan Petrelli

Nathan Petrelli is the brother of Peter Petrelli. Natan Petrelli is played by the actor Adrian Pasdar.


Nathan Petrelli has the ability to fly. However, common sense argues that he has "limited invulnerability" as well : he once created a sonic boom while flying, something that an ordinary human body cannot withstand


Nathan Petrelli is the brother of Peter Petrelli, the biological father of Claire Bennet, the husband of Heidi Petrelli and the son of Angela Petrelli.

Character History

Apparent Death

Season 1, ended with Nathan flying his brother away in order to attempt to save the city. Nathan was seen flying upwards with Peter and then an explosion happened. Fans were left with the impression that Nathan's act had cost him his life and therefore was assumed to be dead.

In "Four Months Later...", the first episode of Season 2, it was discovered that Nathan Petrelli was not dead, but had released Peter in enough time to save himself. Nathan then became distraught over the unknown fate of his brother and began to drink heavily.

Political Career

In Season 1 Nathan was elected as a congressman for the state of New York. The election was fixed by Mr. Linderman, who used the machine-control power of Micah Sanders to change the votes cast. Mr. Linderman's plan was to use the devastation that would be caused by Peter Petrelli exploding as a catalyst to place Nathan in office as President as his puppet.

Sometime during the end of Season 1 and the beginning of Season 2, Nathan resigned from Congress and has published his resignation letter to apologize to his loyal supporters and voters.

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