New Characters

List of New Heroes Characters

This is of list of new characters that have been introduced within the last three episodes and characters who have yet to be introduced but it has been confirmed that they will be introduced within the season.

Bob Bishop
the man who approaches Mohinder Suresh with a job offer and has the Midas Touch. The current author is unable to find a name for the guy and it doesn't seem to be mentioned in the episode.
Elle Bishop
Daughter of Bob Bishop. Currently in the employ of the Company with her father. Elle will be played by Kristen Bell.
Boogie Man
super psychic, most likely evil and later identified as Maury Parkman.
Irish chick, possible new love interest for Peter Petrelli.
Cheerleader, bitch.
Alejandro Herrera
the brother of Maya Herrera. Alejandro is played by Shalim Ortiz.
Maya Herrera
fugitive. played by Dania Ramirez.
Takezo Kensei
Japanese warrior, possibly also a drunk. Played by David Anders.
Monica Dawson
Micah's cousin from New Orleans. Her abilities appear to be the ability to imitate things she can see. Played by Dana Davis.
Monica Dawson's Grandmother, played by Nichelle Nichols.
Maury Parkman
Father of Matt Parkman and also known as the boogie man.
Victoria Pratt
One of the original 12 from the Company.
West Rosen
a love interest for Claire Bennet.
Father of Yaeko.
The Swordsmith's Daughter

List of Characters Yet To Be Seen

Officer Warren - said to appear in the episode 11

Bruce Evans


List of Mentioned Characters

This is a list of characters that have been mentioned, but it has not been confirmed whether they will appear in the series.

Max Grissman(?), A boy mentioned by Molly Walker when Matt Parkman picks her up from school in "Four Months Later..." The current author could not make out the last name for certain. If you could, please update this page.

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