Niki Sanders

Niki Sanders has super strength and a split personality, Jessica Sanders. Niki Sanders is the girlfriend of D.L. Hawkins and the mother of Micah Sanders. Niki Sanders is played by Ali Larter.


Niki Sander's Character History

Niki : Internet Stripper

Niki Sanders is introduced in the episode Genesis as an internet stripper in the course of practicing her trade. According to the Mr. Linderman's thugs who show up to collect the money she owes and her response to her internet client Huggerz69, she charged $40 USD for 20 minutes of her time.

Niki's stripping "business" took place in the garage of her home and ended when she killed the two thugs employed by Mr. Linderman.

Niki's Split Personalities

  1. Jessica - believed to be her former sister
  2. Gina - wild party personality that originally emerged earlier in her life and has recently resurfaced as the dominant personaility.

Micah's Private School

Niki Sanders borrowed $30,000 from Mr. Linderman's illicit organization to pay for a donation to an upper-scale private school in order for it to admit her son, Micah Sanders. Niki was unable to pay for Michah's tuition and the school refused to return the money. Unable to return any money to Mr. Linderman, two thugs were sent to get it from her by any means possible.

Series of Eight Paintings
Niki Sanders has been shown in the Series of Eight Paintings by Isaac Mendez
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