Noah Bennet

Noah Bennet, played by Jack Coleman is the loving father of Claire Bennet and formerly a loyal employee of The Company who used Primatech Paper Company as a front and secret base.

Noah Bennet has had two former partners in this mysterious organization : Claude, an invisible man, and a person capable of wiping memories known as The Haitian. Noah Bennet was instructed to kill Claude, which he almost succeeded in doing. However, he quit the organization after it found out that Claire Bennet had manifested super-powers.


Noah Bennet is not known to have any powers.



Noah Bennet's native language is English. He also knows Japanese. He is able to think in Japanese.

Interpretation and Importance

Noah Bennet represents duty and loyalty and the consequences of such ideals, usually doing what must be done according to how one's loyalties line up. He is dynamic in this respect as he learns who is worthy of his loyalty, and generally, his loyalty shifts from The Company to Claire. Examples of Noah Bennet's actions in this respect, in this order, are :

  • He adopts Claire out of loyalty to The Company.
  • He attempts to kill Claude out of loyalty to The Company.
  • He asks Chandra Suresh to remove Claire from his list.
  • He does not report to the Company that Claire has manifested powers.
  • When the Company learns this, he puts Claire in hiding with the Haitian, who also shoots him to make it look like Claire was kidnapped.
  • He kills his former friend, who was his overseer in the Company.


  • Noah Bennet is sometimes known as H.R.G or HRG, which stands for Horn Rimmed Glasses.
Series of Eight Paintings
Noah Bennet has been shown in the Series of Eight Paintings by Isaac Mendez
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