Peter Petrelli

Peter Petrelli is a former male nurse and has the ability to absorb other hero's powers. Peter Petrelli was the hospice nurse for Charles Deveaux, the father of Simone Deveaux.

Peter was romantically involved with Simone after she had given up on Isaac Mendez because of his heroin addiction.


Peter Petrelli has the ability to absorb other heroes' powers by close contact with him. It is already known that he has :

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At the beginning of the series, Peter thought that all he could was fly, however, it was later discovered that he had only absorbed Nathan's flight power.


Peter Petrelli is the brother of Nathan Petrelli, the son of Angela Petrelli and the uncle of Claire Bennet.

Peter Petrelli and Simone Deveaux

For details about Peter Petrelli's and Simone Deveaux's short relationship, see Simone Deveaux.

Theories and Speculation

Peter Petrelli Absorbed Charles Deveaux's Power Theory

The first power exhibited by Peter Petelli was not human flight as is the popular conception. Instead, it is the power of Charles Deveaux who was most likely the partner of Peter's mother. Charles Deveaux, even being dead, later appeared in a dream of Peter's. It is significant then, that Peter was having strange dreams of flight at the very beginning of the series and later dreams about becoming the exploding man while in a coma. peters mom has the power to dream the futrere she said that in sesen three

The difference between the dream powers of Charles Deveaux and the precognition of Isaac Mendez has two points :

  1. Isaac, and Sylar after him, painted the exact future, even if it was in their own styles.
  2. Peters precognitive dreams were symbolic in nature.

Episode History

Season 1

Chapter 1 : Genesis

In the Episode, "Genesis", Peter Petrelli first appears awaking from a dream of flying while on duty as a hospice nurse for Charles Deveaux. He is shown to be a down to earth and caring male nurse. When Peter attempts to make a pass Charles' daughter, Simone Deveaux, he is clearly shot down, but in a strangely friendly way. The dream in this scene foreshadows the events leading up to learning about his power absorption ability. The flirtatious rejection by Simone and her comment about already seeing someone foreshadow the love interest between her and Peter and the love triangle involving Isaac Mendez.

Character History

The Exploding Man


In the episode Four Months Later... a few Irish thieves discover Peter Petrelli in a shipping container.

The Exploding Man

In the final episode of Season 1, "How to Stop an Exploding Man" Peter explodes because he is unable to control his radioactive powers.

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