Power Absorber

A Power Absorber is a Hero with the ability to obtain the powers of another person. Only two characters in the Heroes TV Series have displayed this power thus far :

  • Peter Petrelli, who is able to absorb powers unconsciously from those around him.
  • Sylar, who must remove the brain of someone who has powers to gain their abilities, therefore killing them.
  • Arthur Petrelli, Who is able to absorb powers by contact, therefore ridding them of their own power.

Peter Petrelli showed evidence of this power in Genesis (1-01) although he was portrayed as only having the ability of Human Flight. Later it is revealed that he absorbed this from his brother Nathan Petrelli.

Sylar uses what can be described as Intuitive Comprehension (the ability to see how things work), and in this way gains the power of other Heroes by removing and studying their brain.

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