Sandra Bennet

Sandra Bennet is the wife of Noah Bennet and adoptive mother of Claire Bennet.


Sandra Bennet is not known to have any powers.

Character History

Sanda is believed to have been killed or kidnapped by The Company at the end of Season 1. In the first episode of Season 2, Four Months Later... it is learned that she was at least not killed and appears with her family.

Theories and Speculation

Incorrect Theories

Sandra Bennet's Fried Brain Theory


"Where is Sandra Bennet?" Mystery

In the last episode of Season 1, Sandra Bennet was revealed to have been replaced by an operative for Mr. Linderman's organization. What is not known is what happened to the real Sandra Bennet.

Update : The current whereabouts of Sandra Bennet has been established. However, it is still unknown where she was, and how and when she was rescued, if she needed rescuing.

Moment of Sandra Bennet's Replacement Mystery

Another, similar mystery is that the time that Sandra Bennet was replaced with the impostor is unknown. The timing is an important issue because it would relate to the fact of how much information that Mr. Linderman's organization was able to obtain by installing the impostor.

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