Season 3

Season 3 began on Sept. 22, 2008

No. Episode (Chapter) Title Description Original Air Date
3-01 The Second Coming In the future Claire has turned bad and all those with powers are on the run. Peter confronts Claire and promises her he will prevent Nathan from revealing their existence and undo the past to save her. Peter is revealed to be Nathan's shooter. Sylar escapes and attacks Claire, finally gaining her powers. Meanwhile, in Tokyo, Hiro and Ando are charged with protecting a family secret that could split the planet apart, and discover that the path to the future starts with Daphne, a Speedster who steals half a formula that can destroy the earth if made whole. Thanks to Maya, Suresh makes a breakthrough, a serum that can grant powers. He tests it on himself and gains super strength. September 22, 2008
3-02 The Butterfly Effect The identity of the shooter is revealed, throwing Peter and Matt into uncharted territory; Sylar declares war on the Company and attacks its primary facility, but finds more than he expected on Level 5. September 22, 2008
3-03 One of Us, One of Them Four villains, Knox, Flint, The German and Jesse (with Peter imprisoned inside) break into a bank and take hostages. Angela sends H.R.G. and his new partner, Sylar, in after them. Meanwhile, Hiro and Ando track Daphne and part of the formula to Germany but run into some trouble with The Haitian. Tracy Strauss leaves Washington, D.C. to search for answers about Niki, while a distraught Claire asks Meredith to teach her how to fight. Suresh finds himself unprepared when his experiment yields unexpected results. September 29, 2008
3-04 I Am Become Death Peter resolves to prevent an earth-shattering end whatever the cost. He takes on Sylar's dark, unwieldy ability in order to save the world, gambling that the ensuing hunger to kill won't destroy him. Hiro and Ando set out to uncover the identity of the Villain who hired Daphne, and must consult with Adam Monroe. H.R.G. plots to get rid of his new partner, Sylar. Meanwhile, Claire hits the road after one of the Villains from H.R.G.'s old files. Suresh gives in to his burgeoning impulses. Linderman and Molly return in unexpected manners, and a new romance ignites two of the heroes. October 6, 2008
3-05 Angels and Monsters Claire attempts to take down her first target, Stephen Canfield, an escapee with the ability to create black holes. She ends up trying to help him rather than hurt him until Noah intervenes. Noah tries to use him to kill Sylar but Canfield ends up turning his powers on himself, an action that potentially ruins Claire's relationship with her father. Meanwhile, Peter flees from the destruction in the future, only to discover how the experience has changed him. Hiro tries becoming friends with Daphne and new associate Knox, much to Ando's disappointment as they convince Hiro to kill Ando in order to join them. Later, Suresh's urge to correct his errors puts Maya in extreme danger when he turns on her. Linderman advises Nathan to stick by Tracy. Linderman is revealed to be an illusion crafted by Matt's father, unbeknown to the heroes. In Africa, Matt sees the future and his potential relationship with Daphne destroyed. October 13, 2008
3-06 Dying of the Light Knox and Daphne bring Hiro into the Pinehearst fold, and give him an assignment to bring in Usutu from Africa. With Angela and the Company paralyzed by recent events, Peter goes straight to Pinehearst for some answers. He is confronted by his father who steals all his powers and holds him captive. Meanwhile, Claire and Sandra attempt to free Meredith from the thrall of Doyle who has the ability to take mental and physical control of people. After they are all captured and subjected to Doyle's games, they manage to escape. Later, Nathan brings Tracy to Suresh hoping he can explain their abilities. Suresh takes them captive hoping to use them as test subjects to unlock the secrets of their powers. October 20, 2008
3-07 Eris Quod Sum Nathan and Tracy fight for their lives against Suresh, to free themselves, Maya and the doctor's other "test subjects." Elle returns with her powers out of control and partners with Claire to find out more about Pinehearst. Angela reaches out from her coma to convince Sylar to save Peter from the clutches of their father but Sylar is seemingly convinced by the senior Petrelli to join them. He punctuates his decision by tossing Peter out of the window to what should have been his death. Meanwhile, Daphne is ordered by her boss to kill Matt or be killed herself. Unable to kill him, Matt uses his illusion casting powers to trick Knox into thinking he killed them both. Finally, Hiro continues to question Usutu's advice on how to face his opponents. The heroes begin to come together when Nathan and Tracy join Claire and Elle, as Nathan decides to take on Pinehearst and his father at their door. October 27, 2008
3-08 Villains Through his spirit walk, Hiro follows respected businessman Arthur Petrelli days before he "died," to find out what caused him to create Pinehearst, and also what drove him to strike at Angela. Later, Sylar might have stopped his deadly pursuit of other people's abilities, if H.R.G. and Elle had moved away from their assignment to see how he ticked. Finally, under Thompson's wing, Meredith sees her new life go away, following her brother's arrival. November 10, 2008
3-09 Its Coming After a strike against Hiro and Ando in Africa, Arthur Petrelli gets Knox and Flint to look for his son Peter and granddaughter Claire. Nathan is shocked to find out that his father is alive and leading a charge towards worldwide destruction. Meanwhile, Sylar has a charged confrontation with Elle, and Suresh starts testing his new formula. Later, Matt attempts to wake Angela. November 17, 2008
3-10 Eclipse Part 1 After reuniting Sylar and Elle, Arthur orders them to find Claire and bring her to him. Matt, Hiro and Ando team up together and follow Daphne to her hometown of Lawrence, Kansas to discover what she's been hiding. Meanwhile, Nathan and Peter Petrelli travel together to Haiti in search of the only man that can stop their father from destroying the world, the Haitian. November 24, 2008
3-11 Eclipse Part 2 The eclipse continues to impact the Heroes' abilities as Elle and Sylar face off against a vengeful H.R.G. while Claire struggles to survive. In Haiti, Peter and Nathan join forces with the Haitian to battle the Haitian's brother, Baron Samedi, and Nathan comes to a shocking decision. In the meantime, Ando, Sam and Frack work hard to get Hiro's memory back with the help of the "9th Wonders" comic books at a local comic bookstore. December 1, 2008
3-12 Our Father Hoping to find a way to stop Arthur, Hiro and Claire band together and travel back in time 16 years to when Kaito gave baby Claire to H.R.G. Meanwhile, Peter and the Haitian team up to finish off Arthur Petrelli for good, but are interrupted by Sylar. Elsewhere, in the lab, Suresh has a major breakthrough with the formula that will likely change everything. December 8, 2008
3-13 Duality Nathan makes a move that has global repercussions; Sylar holds Claire, H.R.G., Meredith and Angela hostage at Primatech; Matt, Daphne and Ando try to rescue Hiro. December 15, 2008
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