Simone Deveaux

Simone Deveaux was the girlfriend of Isaac Mendez and was temporarily romantically involved with Peter Petrelli. Simone Deveaux was accidentally shot to death by Isaac Mendez while attempting to kill Peter Petrelli while invisible.


Simone Deveaux is not known to have had any powers.


Simone Deveaux's father was Charles Deveaux, who was dying in hospice.

Simone Deveaux and Peter Petrelli

Simone Deveaux met Peter Petrelli while Peter was working as a hospice nurse for her father, Charles Deveaux. In the very first scene of Heroes (Genesis), they are together and Peter tries to ask her on a date. She responds that she was already seeing someone and rejects him outright, but in a strangely interested way.

Simone Deveaux Quotes

  • You think you can paint the future? Paint one without me in it.

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