Universal Spoiler Policy

The Heroes TV Show Wiki uses the Universal Spoiler Policy, which states : If you don't want spoilers, you shouldn't be reading about it on the internet. We only consider unaired plot to be spoilers, and thus such "spoilers" are included here. Everything that has been aired you should be able to find on the appropriate page.

The Heroes Spoilers

In Future Episodes of Heroes :

  • Claire Bennet becomes a cheerleader at Costa Verde High School.
  • Claire Bennet talks to Bob at her school.
  • Elle, Claire, Mohinder Suresh, Bob, and West all are at the same location at the same time. From the spoiler pictures, it looks like Claire is willingly "captured" by The Company (co-operating with Suresh to fool Bob). It also appears that West was not told about the plan and screws things up by trying to "rescue" her. Then the rescue attempt turns semi-tragic, with the couple being shot down by Elle, temporarily wounding Claire and seriously wounding West. Of course, Claire breaks their fall, keeping West from being killed. Hartnell, who wrote this, hopes that it's not that easy to interpret the four pictures of the leaked spoiler.

The Dummy

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