Sylar (real name: Gabriel Gray) is a former watch-maker who has the ability to gain other heroes powers by "eating" their brain. Sylar is played by Zachary Quinto.

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Sylar, like Peter Petrelli, has the ability to absorb other heroes' powers. However, the fact that Sylar has to kill a person and remove their brain (at the least) makes him an "evil" counterpart to Peter.


It can be assumed that Sylar began with at least one power — the ability to quickly see how things work, including, apparently, organic systems such as humans. This single power he was able to use to gain other people's powers, of course, with deadly consequences for the victim.

It is even possible that Sylar has used this power to learn how powers work "scientifically", that is, the pseudo-science that Mohinder Suresh would call science at any rate.


Slyar uses telekinesis the most often, which he gained from Brian Davis, who only exhibited a lesser form of the power at the time of his death.

Partial Command / Persuasion

In order to keep Sylar from gaining her power of command / persuasion, Eden McCain killed herself by shooting herself in the head. It appears that Sylar was able to savage enough of her brain to gain the power in a limited form, as on at least one occasion he has spoken in the same kind of voice used by Eden, but the command had no effect.


Sylar's father is known to have been a watch maker as well, however, no name has been given. He is also known to have a mother, Virginia Gray, which appeared in one episode. Sylar accidentally killed her.

Character History

Patient Zero

Sylar was the "Patient Zero" of Chandra Suresh, that is, the first person who Chandra believed that he had discovered who had powers. After interviewing Sylar, Chandra became convinced that Sylar had no powers. Not content with being "just normal" he kills Brian Davis, kills him, and takes his power of telekinesis. Sylar then returned to Chandra with the ability, much to Chandra's amazement.

The relations between Chandra and Sylar soured, and in the end, Sylar killed Chandra.

Loss of Powers

In the episode "Kindred", Sylar finds that he no longer has powers and after killing Candice Wilmur, he discovers he is unable to absorb additional powers.

Theories and Speculation

For the Sylar's Brain Tumor Theory, see Charlie Andrews.

List of Sylar's Victims

Charlie Andrews
Love interest of Hiro Nakamura.

Ted Sprague
The radioactive man.

Zane Taylor
Most bizarre power in the series.

James Walker
It is unknown what power James Walker had.

Candice Wilmer
Had the power to create illusions.

Names of Sylar

Gabriel Gray
Sylar's real name is Gabriel Gray. This is his birthname that his parents and friends (if any) knew him by. There is a common misconception that Sylar's real name was Gabriel Sylar. In the original unaired pilot, his name was Paul Sylar.

Sylar chose his name from a brand of watch that he had worked on.

Patient Zero
Patient Zero is the name Sylar was originally known by Chandra Suresh.

The Boogieman
Molly Walker called Sylar the boogieman because even though she knew of Sylar's existence, she didn't know his name.

Zane Taylor
Sylar assumes the identity of Zane Taylor for a few days so that he could follow Mohinder Suresh to more victims.

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