Takezo Kensei

Also known as Adam Monroe.

Takezo Kensei arrived or first appeared in the series in Ancient Japan, 1671. His only known ability is cellular regeneration, just like Claire. Many people think that Claire could be a direct descendant of Takezo.

When Kensei arrived in Japan, he chose the name 'Kensei,' which means "Sword Saint." In later episodes in Season 2, he has survived over 400 years because according to the show, if your cells regenerate enough and at a certain rate, your body will stop aging. This case may relate to Kensei, or as he is called after 400 years, Adam Monroe.

The Company discovers Adam's abililty and find out that he never ages, and thus locks him up, saying that he is a dangerous man. When Peter Petrelli arrives in the same facility that Adam is in, he has already been there for over 30 years. Adam Monroe later escapes with Peter when Peter stops taking the glossary "Haitian Pills" that suppress his abilities. Peter uses the ability he absorbed from D.L Hawkins and morphs into the walls with Monroe and out of the company's hands.

Peter's and Adam's goal is to save the world, and before Peter had met Adam, he had also absorbed Claire's ability, which is regeneration. This means that there are now 3 characters in the show who not only can regenerate and heal from any injury, but also stop aging and be immortal like Adam Monroe.

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