Telepathy is the ability to read minds and send thoughts. Currently three one characters has been shown to use telepathy and one is suspected to have telepathy, but this is unconfirmed.

Characters with Telepathy

Matt Parkman
Matt Parkman, a detective, was the first character to develop and use telepathy. He has a limited form of telepathy which only allows him to hear the thoughts of other characters. When he first developed telepathy, his ability of telepathy confused him and in one episode [episode name needed](edit), he was finally overwhelmed and passed out in a bar. [more info needed](edit)
Peter Petrelli
Peter Petrelli absorbed the power of Telepathy from Matt Parkman. In one episode [episode name needed](edit) they attempted to read each others minds. This caused a sort of "feedback."
Matt Parkman's Father
Is known to have a form of Telepathy based on the reports of Molly Walker [episode name needed] (edit)

Characters Suspected to have Telepathy

Angela Petrelli
Angela Petrelli is suspected to have telepaty between matts dad because of a firendship

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