The Watch

This page is for things that have been in past Heroes episodes and are thought to be significant, even though they do not seem significant at the current time. In other words, this page is a list of things to watch out for as they will most likely be worked into future episodes in a significant way.

The Watch Scoreboard
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Watch For :

  • The Helix Necklace. Both The Haitian and Peter Petrelli have been seen wearing similar helix necklaces. Either they are gay lovers, or there is an organization that has not been introduced to the audience. (This has been proven incorrect. The Haitian gave Peter his necklace before erasing his memory and leaving him handcuffed inside the shipping box.)
  • Star Trek It's not essential to the plot in any way, but you should always be watchful for Star Trek tidbits as three cast members of Heroes now have connections with Star Trek as well. They are George Takei, who plays(played?) Kaito Nakamura, Nichelle Nichols, who plays Monica Dawson's grandmother, and Zachary Quinto, the actor who plays Sylar, who is cast as a young Spock in the latest Star Trek Movie.
  • Max Grissman(?) A boy mentioned by Molly Walker. The writers are fond of introducing new characters by mention and therefore you should watch out for Max. Not only is he mentioned, the full name is given. The current author could not make out the last name for certain. If you could, please update this page.
  • Nathan's Replacement Nathan Petrelli dropped out of political life. Someone had to replace him, and given how people with super powers tend to change the world on at least a national scale, we're sure that Nathan's replacement in congress will be worked into the plot somehow.

Watch Correct List

  • Claire Bennet's Car. Claire Bennet was given a car on her first day of school at Costa Verde High School. This car is sure to be crashed into something or otherwise stolen, destroyed, ripped apart, melted with mind rays, etc.
    • Claire Bennet's Car was stolen / borrowed / missing in "Lizards".
  • Nicky's son's cousin the copy cat she's spoken of once but not ever again. Interesting?
  • Star Trek 1. We told you to watch out for Star Trek, and Nichelle Nichols (Uhura) walked into the Heroes TV show as the grandmother of Monica Dawson. So, we're taking a point for this one. We believe that there is at least one more big Star-Trek surprise so we're leaving it on the watch list.

Fan Watch

This is for what fans think is significant, not necessarily the admins and regular readers of Heroes Wiki Complete.

  • The fact that West's last name remains unknown is odd. Does this mean he is related to a known character? Not odd anymore, his last name is Rosen :)
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