Maya Herrera's Vacuum Power Theory

The Theory

In the dark future episode, there was a child mentioned who was able to remove all the oxygen from the area around him. When he did this at school, he unintentionally killed all those in the room. This could be Maya Herrera's power. It fits, so far.

The Problems

There are two problems with this theory about Maya Herrera's power :

  1. If she creates a vacuum, she must also be able to survive it.
  2. If she creates a vacuum capable of killing someone, the death must be from the vacuum and not suffocation. Therefore the vacuum created must be instantaneous so the surrounding air does not rush in to fill the void.

How it was Proven Wrong

The depiction of Maya Herrera's power in the episode "Lizards" is inconsistent with this theory enough to completely disqualify it. also it was a boy and she would alredy be captrued

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