This is a rapidly improving timeline of events for Heroes. Because exact dates, including years, are not often given, exact dates of events in the storyline of Heroes cannot be reported. It is possible to list the order in which the events happened, which we have done.

It is important to note that the core events of Season 1 happen over a period of 9 days. Everything else happens in memory or in an alternate timeline.

During the late 1600's

  • A samurai warrior named Takezo Kensei becomes a legend. It is this Takezo Kensi that later inspires Hiro Nakamura and whose sword Hiro uses. Takezo is said to be featured as a living person rather than a legend in Season 2.

Around 30 Years Ago

  • Shanti Suresh becomes infected and dies of the Plague.
  • A group of people with powers similar to the characters in the current Heroes series attempted to "save the world". Eventually, this group evolved into Mr. Linderman's mysterious organization, now known as The Company.

Early - Mid 1990's

  • Possibly during Nathan Petrelli's service, Meredith Gordon's house is destroyed by a house fire, severely burning Claire and causing both to believe that Claire is dead.
  • Clare Bennet is taken into the care of the Bennet family, at the order of Kaito Nakamura and The Organization.

Most Likely Between 1995 and 2004

Before the Start of Season 1

Six Months Before Season 1

  • Natan Petrelli and Heidi Petrelli are involved in a car accident. Heidi is partially paralyzed. Peter Petrelli believes that he psychically knew that his brother had been in the accident.

Most Likely During 9 Days in 2007 (Season 1)

Four Months After Season 1

  • Mohinder Suresh announces that he has discovered the Plague through his work with Molly Walker.
  • Kaito Nakamura is killed by Adam Monroe (aka Takezo Kensei).

June 14 2008

Peter Petrelli and Caitlin accidentally teleport to the future to discover it has been evacuated due to the Shanti Virus. after teleporting back to present peter belives she is dead

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