United States

The United States is a country in North America.

President of the United States

Mr. Linderman once cooked a plan where the Company would use the explosion of Peter Petrelli as an event to place Nathan Petrelli into power as the United States president. Even though Nathan was conflicted, in the episode "How to Stop an Exploding Man?" Nathan prevents the explosion from destroying New York City by flying Peter far enough upward that the explosion only resulted in a good fireworks show. Because the explosion failed to destroy the city, Mr. Linderman's plan failed. (Mr. Linderman was dead already anyway, killed by D.L. Hawkins.

Cities in The United States

Costa Verde, California.

Hartsdale, New York
One of the Company's lab locations where Mohinder Suresh was conducting research for the company.

Odessa, Texas
The former home of the Bennet family.

Manhattan (New York City), New York
Home of the Petrellis.

New York City

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